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EDM Challenge: Dreams for 2006


Dreams for 2006 - on Paper

I would love to establish the habit of never going out without my sketch journal so I can draw daily throughout 2006.  My current angst:  which journal should I use? 

I regularly use the Aquabee sketch book because it is cheapest and I can add watercolor washes.  I am just finishing Volume 3.  I'm not inhibited by the journal itself and can therefore sketch freely.

 I loved using my Moleskine journal in Italy - the size was great for one page or doublepage sketches and it was easy to do fast sketches while standing because of the hard cover.  But the pages don't take watercolor as well and they scan too yellow.  I only filled half of Volume 1 in Italy and Volume 2 sits on my shelf.

The Cachet watercolor journal is wonderful with its bright chartreuse linen cover and great watercolor paper.  I have a purple one that I used intermittently "for special entries" since June 2003 and just finished it.  But its specialness makes me more cautious, and that is stifling.  

My current thoughts:  Use an Aquabee every day, take a Moleskine as a travel journal, and develop some of my fast sketches into "slower" sketches in the Cachet. 


I LOVE this entry. Bright,lively,fresh and charming. Keep 'em coming!

I love how you've sketched and written about your journals themselves! Yes, quite a delimma .. but I'll bet you'll begin sketching in each of them and wind up using ALL of them before you know it!

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