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January 6, 2006



I loved Pompei!  We had an excellent guide and I was able to stop for really fast sketches while he was talking.  This is one sketchbook page showed my favorite view of the end of the forum with Mount Vesuvius towering in the background.  I was constantly amazed at the sophistication of this civilization that was buried in 79 AD - especially seeing the wonderful mosaics and almost contemorary silver designs from Pompei which are on view at the Archeology Museum in Naples.

10 Days in Sorrento


At the beginning of our trip I made one square for a quick sketch from each day.  I usually filled in the square early the next morning, reflecting on one remembered image from the previous day.  This was a good way to loosen up my artistic muscles before grabbing my Moleskine and heading off to a new adventure.  I carried only my sketchbook and one Pigma Micron pen with me and had to learn how to juggle my camera and sketchbook. 

I clearly need to spend more time figuring out how to get better scans from my sketchbook, but I'm still struggling with just posting entries!




 I asked a friendly waiter in our hotel bar for a lemon and to my delight he brought me this one, complete with leaves.  Sorrento is surrounded by lemon groves and lemon flavor and scent are used in numerous products. I thought that it was the perfect journal sketch for my newly acquired lemoncello recipe.  I can't wait to try it.

 Lemoncello:  7 medium-sized lemons, 1 L grain alcohol or good quality vodka, 1/2 L water, 500 gms sugar.  Peel lemons thinly, avoiding the bitter white and place peels in jar.  Add alcohol and leave for 10-30 days.  Boil sugar and water until syrup, then cool.  Add to mixture, then strain through cheesecloth.  Keep in freezer and serve really cold.


January 5, 2006

Painting my View From the Window in Sorrento


I didn't want to experiment with watercolor paints on Moleskine sketchbook paper before I had a chance to scan my drawing, so I went to the local Copy Shop in Sorrento and had a copy made on reasonable weight A3 paper.  I then painted the copy.  I originally intended to just use it as a sample when I returned to New York, but now it is hanging in my studio.  I photographed this sketch because of the size instead of scanning it for uploading.

January 4, 2006

An Illustrated Travel Journal


While my son honeymooned in Spain, my husband and I vacationed in Sorrento, Italy.  This was a perfect opportunity for me to see if I could make quick sketches and keep an illustrated travel journal.  I decided to use a Moleskine sketchbook even though it is not the best surface for watercolor paints.  Here is the view from our hotel window, overlooking Sorrento. 

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