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 I asked a friendly waiter in our hotel bar for a lemon and to my delight he brought me this one, complete with leaves.  Sorrento is surrounded by lemon groves and lemon flavor and scent are used in numerous products. I thought that it was the perfect journal sketch for my newly acquired lemoncello recipe.  I can't wait to try it.

 Lemoncello:  7 medium-sized lemons, 1 L grain alcohol or good quality vodka, 1/2 L water, 500 gms sugar.  Peel lemons thinly, avoiding the bitter white and place peels in jar.  Add alcohol and leave for 10-30 days.  Boil sugar and water until syrup, then cool.  Add to mixture, then strain through cheesecloth.  Keep in freezer and serve really cold.



Fabulous sketch!!!! I love it!

Love ur sketch. Would love it if I can use it for my homemade lemonchello, handmade in Italy? Let me know. Thanks

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