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Do At Home Covid Tests Expire?

Each At Home Covid Antigen Test has an expiration date on the package.  At the beginning the FDA approves the tests and sets the expiration dates on the box.  But it is important to know that the company may extend the expiration date on these newly developed tests because the Covid test stability was now observed for a longer period of time.  The expiration date may have been moved 3 months later or more, but not on your box! 

These tests were only developed during the pandemic, and they may have been "observed" in storage" for only several months after they were approved by the FDA and manufactured.  If the tests are stable over the next months, the expiration time can change.   But you can't tell what the new expiration date is for your box of 2 tests. It may be possible to get the information from the FDA, but there is a more practical way to see if your tests are still good.  If the CONTROL line on the test strip appears quickly, the test is fine to use. HomeAntigenTest.jpg

How should you store your extra test boxes?  Keep them at room temperature and dry.  Don't let them freeze or become heated.  Use the test boxes with the earliest expiration dates first.  Dr. Michael Minna, an expert in home test technology, thinks that most of these Covid tests will eventually have an expiration date after 18 to 24 months.    

REFERENCE: Do Home Covid Tests Expire? https://nyti.ms/3K9ZOt2 

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