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Information Re: Third Vaccine Shots

I spent all of Monday watching the meeting of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization and Practices (ACIP).  Most of the day the data submitted for the Pfizer BLA was reviewed very carefully and then the independent experts on the committee voted 14 to 0 and approved the BLA.  From 4-5PM the working group for "3rd shots" discussed a framework for their analysis of and planning for additional doses of the mRNA vaccines and presented recent data from 5 US studies of vaccine efficacy and breakthrough cases.

While there is some waning vaccine efficacy in older people against asymptomatic and mild-moderate Covid infections, vaccine efficacy is still high against severe infections, hospitalizations and deaths.  The working group plans to meet again in mid-September to review new data from the analysis of infections in August when the delta variant took over the other Covid variants in the US.  See Below



Some vaccines require annual "boosters" against mutations (influenza) and other vaccines require a sequence of 3 doses to establish long term immunity  (hepatitis B and human papilloma virus).  Studies performed after a 3rd dose may clarify the best way to establish strong immune responses to SARS-CoV-2.   Immunocompromised patients are currently receiving a 3rd dose, and the next group to be considered may be health care workers, long term care facility patients, and people older than 65.  Both the FDA and CDC will have to carefully consider the data and approve the final plan for more shots.  Stay tuned, and wait for more information in September. 




I always read your posts with interest! Here’s hoping the third shot is helpful and available for those in need. Now that many venues and work places are requiring vaccination, more people will be saved.

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