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3rd Doses of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

It is really difficult to collect real world data to clarify whether there are waning vaccine levels and decreasing vaccine efficacy or whether some increase in cases among the fully vaccinated people over 65 are due to the Delta Variant.  Pfizer presented some data on subjects from their Phases 1 and 3 Clinical trials.  After the trial unblinding the placebo group was able to request a vaccination and the two groups can be compared based on the length of time since each group was vaccinated.  All of the volunteers analyzed were 18-55 years old, so the data they wanted to assess is not available for the oldest people.  But both the FDA and CDC advisory boards said there was enough suggestive data that people older than 65 (including those in long term care facilities) had some decrease in vaccine efficacy and were vaccinated very early in the vaccine rollout in Dec, Jan, Feb.  There were excellent responses to the 3rd dose and adverse effects were less than following dose 2. 

Some very experienced scientists think this may be one of the 3 dose vaccines, with dose 3 spaced at least 6 months following dose 2.  It would be wonderful if the duration of protection is years, as is seen in the current non-Covid 3 dose vaccines!  I watched both the all day FDA meeting, and the two day CDC Meeting and feel as if the advisors very carefully assessed the scientific data re: vaccine efficacy and analyzed the safety data from those who received 3rd doses already (in trials or due to immunodeficiency).  The reactogenic symptoms following the 3rd dose were actually a little less than the 2nd dose symptoms, and no new "safety signals" were found.  The mRNA vaccines can cause myocarditis-pericarditis, but it occurs primarily in young males.  It is very rare, very mild, and resolves quickly in the majority of the vaccinated.  CDC link summarizes the current  recommendations (note the "should" and "may" language: See Below



I think that one of the major observations made during these two meetings was as follows:  The pandemic will not change substantially because of the 3rd doses that will be given. The current vaccines are still really effective, especially preventing severe infections, hospitalizations, and death. In places with a low vaccination rate, the stress on the health care system due to unvaccinated ICU patients is now affecting the patients who need non-Covid care and deaths of these people are increasing.   The only way for the pandemic to change is to increase the number of people who get vaccinated with the standard 2 dose regimens NOW.  If you have a chance to change a mind, please discuss the need for a vaccine whenever and wherever you can.  I will never understand the people who don't want to put "unknown vaccine ingredients" into their body, but have no problem taking doses of Ivermectin meant for cows and horses (poisonous), putting hydrogen peroxide in vaporizers (a toxin for lungs when inhaled) or swallowing betadine (Toxic).   



Thank you so much for the time and analysis you provide.

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