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CDC Strongly Recommends Vaccinations for Pregnant Women

Last week groups including the American College of OB-Gyn and the American Academy of Pediatrics said data shows that the mRNA vaccines are safe and effective when administered during pregnancy and have no impact on fertility. In spite of this data, only 23% of pregnant women have been vaccinated with at least one dose.  This is understandable, when pregnant we are all extremely careful about what we put in our bodies. But there have been many vaccinated patients followed since the vaccines became available and there are no safety concerns for mothers or babies.

The CDC is now strongly recommending that women who are pregnant should be vaccinated since the data shows that Covid-19 is more severe in pregnant patients (with hospitalizations and ventilator support) and  pre-term births are increased.  There have been no safety issues noted - Among 2500 patients miscarriages were no more common than in women who did not get vaccinated.

Another benefit to consider, when the mother gets vaccinated, antibodies to Covid can be measured in the umbilical cord blood and in breast milk, providing some level of passive immunity to the babies.  



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