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Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccine Safety 2

Vaccination of a majority of US citizens will help control the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.  Dr. Fauci says that herd immunity could occur when 70-85% of people are vaccinated, and that means that we need a large number of people to get vaccinated.  But there are many people who don't want to be vaccinated, and there are many different reasons given.  

1.  "This is a new type of vaccine, an mRNA vaccine," but it is important to know that the mRNA techniques have been studied and used for up to 2 decades. 

2.  "The vaccines were made too quickly" and they want to wait until Spring or Summer to make sure they are safe.  The Clinical Trials for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contained 74,000 volunteers -50 per cent of those received the vaccine and there was an excellent safety profile.  Scientists say that significant side effects of almost every vaccine ever made occurred by 6 weeks after vaccination.  Millions of people have since been injected since the vaccines were approved and there is a robust side effect reporting system.  In a paper published this week, 0nly 15-25% of patients reported symptoms after the first month of vaccination with both vaccines (headache, fatigue, dizziness, chills, nausea).       

3.  "They don't trust the government," and people of color have a good reason to be suspicious of past government studies. The development of these Covid-19 vaccines were transparent, reviewed by scientific advisory groups for the manufacturers, and another scientific advisory committee who advised the FDA re: approval.  The data is published for everyone to read and the committee meeting is available live online.   More Below


The vaccines can cause two types of reactions - one from the injection, and the other an allergic reaction.  Patients can complain of pain, with or without swelling at the injection site.  After the second dose there are more symptoms reported by the patients: fatigue, headache, fever, chills, myalgias, and or joint pain.  These symptoms rarely last longer than 24 hours and can be relieved by Tylenol or Motrin taken if they occur.  These symptoms are a minor price to pay for the assurance that you will almost certainly not be hospitalized or die from Covid-19.  I  had soreness at the vaccination site (as did my husband), but NO other side effects.

The only major side effects reported are allergic reactions: 5 episodes of anaphylaxis/1 million vaccinated with Pfizer and 3 episodes/1 million vaccinations with Moderna since the vaccinations began.  They were treated with epinephrine injections immediately and patients recovered fully. 


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