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A Temperature Check Entering a Restaurant?

New York City now has some charming outdoor restaurants on the sidewalk or street in front of their buildings.  This weekend people will be able to also eat inside these restaurants, which are limited to 25% occupancy.   In order to protect restaurant clients, temperature checks were recommended on each customer at the door. 

There have been recent articles and preliminary studies demonstrating that asymptomatic Covid-19 patients don't have fevers, but do have the same viral load in their noses, pharynx, and lungs as sick patients.  In several studies 30-40% of patients with positive virus tests are asymptomatic and don't have fevers.  These are the virus spreaders.  Therefore personal distancing and other possible public health measures are still recommended when congregating - social distance when possible, in good ventilation, and limit time spent when congregating inside.     


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