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Rooftop Water Towers

This is one of the final drawings that I did in March when I was taking one walk per day - with no human contact because coronavirus had arrived on March 1st in New York City.  I walked 1-1.5 miles and sketched something I saw and liked in my neighborhood.  Then we were quarantined on March 20th and now I don't have an urge to draw, either something in my apartment or from photos.  This has to change - and I'm confident it will.  I sketched with my non-dominant hand, inside, for 6 weeks 2 years ago when I broke my wrist.  And I've had themes for drawing during certain months - elephants, figures in motion, hands from the American Sign Language alphabet to name a few.  But my pandemic brain needs to find something that excites me and that hasn't happened yet.  Patience....

I love the New York City Rooftop water towers and these were seen in a residential area on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. 



Ive been the same, I started out fine and have sketched fairly regularly, but on the whole it’s been an effort of will, not an urge to create. It makes me feel bad, but I simply can’t force myself anymore. Watch lots of art videos and feel enthused for about 5 minutes. My go to has been anything that makes me laugh and I’ll keep on watching silly movies and watching animal videos as long as it takes.

Hang in there. I’m sure the creative urge will return when we can socialize again, even on a small scale. I should mention that I’m an introvert and the first while was a snap. Now, going on two months, I’m realizing how much I need to socialize even if it’s only talking to a stranger!

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