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I look forward to resuming my daily neighborhood walk (with mask, gloves, and social distancing).  My figures are already wearing their masks.  New York City still has to meet 3 criteria in order to begin Phase 1 of our reopening.  The fatality rate for my age group is 44% here, and <20% in my age group come off a respirator.  I'm glad that our Governor is being very cautious because our surge to the top of Covid 19 cases was quick, and it took weeks for the number of cases and deaths to decline to where we are now. 

My recent small figure drawings were made in anticipation of resuming my walks.  Drawing these figures each morning after breakfast is the way I'm slowly returning to drawing - so I will be ready when our "stay at home" restriction is lifted.  It hasn't been hard to maintain staying at home in view of the statistics listed above.  My husband and I learned about "deferred gratification" early in our lives and stay happy - ZOOM, FaceTime, and Google Meet keep us in touch with friends and family.





Love the masked walkers! Hope you can go outside soon :)

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