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Another Walk, and More Fashionable Dogs

We are locked down in NYC and my last walk, with social distancing,  was on March 13th.  I miss my neighborhood drawings lots and haven't settled into a regular drawing project since then.  When I fractured the wrist on my dominant hand in 2018 I almost immediately began a sketchbook to draw with my non-dominant hand.  I'm not sure what is different now.  But I know that this is temporary.  In part it is because there are too many emails arriving daily about art online.  How to choose, how to fit them in.  I also think that it is my voracious reading to escape from my own worries that is just as much a part. The days are filled with reading news, watching news, and keeping in touch with our kids and grandkids by ZOOM and FACETIME.  We've also had wonderful calls from old friends from across the country, and those calls are so meaningful.  

Today I'm posting another one of my drawings done while window shopping at Canine Styles.  The dogs were still dressed for winter, and standing in snow when I sketched this. 



cute drawing! glad to hear you are well and hunkering down.

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