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My Reading Winter

January and February have been reading months for me - first bronchitis with horrible coughing leading to a back problem which is slowly getting better.  But although I haven't been completely house bound, my flexibility is still reduced and I'm enjoying this reading break sooo much.  For more than a year I've been supplementing regular book purchases with $2 used books from a twice monthly Book Fair at one of the NYPL branches.  This was the perfect time to dig into my stash of unread books, fiction, non-fiction, and mysteries as a separate genre.  It was a perfect way to spend these winter months - resting on a heating pad and slowly allowing my back to heal.  Yesterday I decided to collect the books I've read so far, and take a photo (fiction and non-fiction left; mysteries right). 

Although I've been doing some drawing, I still need to paint sketchbook pages done in 2 museum exhibits.  Instead I'm giving into my desire to just read, and selecting books I may not have otherwise read (Anthony Trollope).  I'll try anything for $2 and can always redonate the book.


To artists who follow my blog, I'd recommend A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline  - which is about Christina Olson from the painting Christina's World and artist Andrew Wyeth.  I also enjoyed Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore, even though it was a little weird.  It is about the Impressionists and the setting is Montmartre.  There are gorgeous color images on the pages scattered throughout the book and an amazing cover. 

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