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Screen Printing Project 3

Screen Print on Fabric:  For the 3rd of our projects this semester, we had to create two "positive" images, and burn them into screens, registered, and make 2-color prints on fabric.  Registered means that you can easily place the print from one screen exactly on top of the print from the other screen.  I had the fashion model with the horizontal stripes on one screen and all of the calligraphy/typography on the other screen.  The first screen was printed in black (figure) and the second one in charcoal gray (typography).  The print measures 15 X 19"  The background fabric is white.  



Original Art Inspiration:  I sketched a live model in a Fashion Illustration course last year and then collaged over the drawing. 



Creating the designs for the Screens:  The positive images for the screen #1 were created by collaging black paper and typed words, that were printed on a transparency, to create the blouse.  All the pieces were taped to heavy vellum to photograph (burn) them onto a photoemulsion screen.  The calligraphy for screen #2 was printed on transparency sheets and cut out and taped to a second piece of vellum to make the other screen.  Here are the two sheets of vellum clipped together for me to test the image.



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