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Blog Anniversary and Art Goals for 2017


Art Goals for 2017:  January 4th is the 11th anniversary for my blog - and it remains an important part of my creative life.

My main goal is to develop better drawing and painting skills on paper and with dye-painting and surface design on fabric. At the beginning of each year, I like to define new projects which will help me progress and then remain open to new opportunities. Beginning in childhood, I was a person who needed "to make things" and I always made time in my life to fulfill this need. Now, after retirement, I have much more free time and I added "Art on Paper" to my other passions.

1. Take Classes: Current plans, but I hope to add additional opportunities as they arise. Sketchbook Skool Semester 7?: I think Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene have created a wonderful model for art education and a committed community of artists, new and old. Latest word from them - Semester 7 will be announced early in 2017. And I would love one more Semester this year from them!

Craftsy: I have a few more Craftsy classes on my wish list. Loved the ones by Marc Taro Holmes and Shari Blaukopf - both Montrealers.

Battery Park City Conservancy "Winter Figure Drawing" with Marla Lipkin, another 9 session class being offered in February and March. Last year I explored Lower Manhattan indoors as I found ways to get from my subway line all the way over to River Terrace indoors!

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT): Registration for Spring isn't until the first week in February, but I don’t think there are any more Fine Arts classes I can take next semester. I need to wait until registration day to find out what classes have openings for Seniors.

2. Maintain a Community of Artist Friends: These two goals shape my days and weeks, and make me so happy. All of the activities listed below provide my sketching opportunities and content for my blog.

It is impossible to attend all of the art activities scheduled in New York City, so my goal is to attend a minimum of one activity/week - Meetup Drawing New York and Central Park Sketching and Art, Urban Sketchers NYC, Battery Park City Figure Al Fresco(May-Oct), Society of Illustrators Figure Drawing, and other museum and gallery visits with my friends. I will also continue to post new entries to my blog twice each week to continue my interaction with and inspiration from artists online.

3. Deliberate Practice: When I started sketching/drawing a decade ago, my goal was to sketch every day and many of the days I sketched everyday objects in my life. I now sketch more when I’m out of the apartment, or doing homework for classes. But I also try to fit in "deliberate practice."

I keep a special sketchbook just to draw hands, feet, and faces from photographs and VERY SLOWLY I am improving.

After taking Shari Blaukopf’s Craftsy course, I’d like to practice drawing "crowds" in my urban sketching drawings. Until now I’ve sketched people up close, or left them out completely.

4. Bookbinding: Continue to make my own sketchbooks - for daily drawings and for travel.

Make another annual Remains of the Day book to collect images and ephemera from NYC Art Adventures with friends. This will be #6!

Create another batch of paste paper for my stash - still haven’t used up my stash, so I didn’t make more last year.

5. Special Project:

I also like to have one separate project each year. Several winters ago I sketched elephants for a whole month using every medium I had. Another year I studied different methods for making books and made a different book structure each month for 8 months. In 2016 I wanted to use some of the figure drawings I've accumulated during the years. I already transferred images to fabric using a different method for 7 Quilt Journal Pages (8.5 X 11") I created and in 2015 I made a small book of the Figures I drew in the Toulouse-Lautrec Café Society sessions at MoMA. But it wasn’t until the end of October that I formulated an approach to this project and outlined the goals. So this is now a 2017 project. My plans are to transfer figure drawings from paper to an accordion book with black paper, and to fabric in a long, horizontal quilted piece.


Happy blog anniversary and good luck in progressing with your art goals. I like reviewing my goals annually as well and just published my 2017 goals on my blog: https://ostachowski.com/art-goals-2017-2016-review/

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