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Met Museum Exhibit

I went on an amazing one hour Gallery Tour with an exhibit Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last Friday.  The exhibit is called Fashion and Virtue: Textile Patterns and the Print Revolution, 1520 to 1620.  The Met collection of 60 Design Books from the Renaissance is the 3rd largest in the world - and I had no idea that even one of these books was created for needleworkers and other artisans during those years.  The first books were made using woodcuts, then later etchings, and they spread rapidly throughout Europe.  The books are on display along with representative pieces of embroidered fabric and lace made from the designs. 


I did some drawings in my sketchbook as I was walking and listening and added additional ink with a Sakura Pigma-micron brush pen later.  There is limited information in this above link, but approximately 1000 images from these pattern books were scanned and said to be available on the Museum website.



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