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Gouache Painting Inspired by Mary Blair

I am participating in Jeanne Oliver's second Studying Under the Masters online course.  Contemporary artists select a master artist and become their apprentice, researching their life, their art, their materials and methods.  They then copy one of their paintings to learn more about their style and use what they learn in a painting of their own.  Mary Blair (1911-1978) was an early 20th Century illustrator who worked for Disney and or was a freelance illustrator who was commissioned by Disney among others.  Parents the world over, will remember her Disneyland "Small World" exhibit.  

I copied one of her gouache paintings and posted it recently. 


It took me awhile to finish Part 2 - my painting inspired by the work and style of Mary Blair.  My main goal was to again use gouache for the painting to get more experience with this medium, using bold colors, crisp edges and black outlines.  I chose to work from a photo that I took on New Year's Eve.




Looks great!

Very nice, Shirley. Haven't used my gouache in quite a while.

This is really fun, Shirley...how are you liking gouache?

Shirley: What a fun painting.
Could you tell us a little about what brand of gouache you used, on what paper, and what you thought of using the gouache? Did you do the black outlines with gouache too? Thanks!

Love your continued enthusiasm!

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