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Christmas Ornaments - 2014

Each year I make Christmas ornaments for family and friends.  After doing this since 1975, we have a full tree, as do our children. 

This year my daughter-in-law asked me to make more angels, and ordered fabric from the San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball team to make Good-Luck angels for another Championship year.  We raised our children in San Antonio where my husband and I were on the University of Texas Medical School Faculty and created genuine fans.




I also made many Thermofax screen evergreen trees while in a class at Quilt Festival in Houston and made them into ornaments with lots of sewing with green and gold metallic threads.  These are some of the color combinations.



I played with different color paints on the screens and liked the effects. 



Here are more as I hung them in the studio as I made them. 



I love my teensy studio - and it is fun for me to have a reminder of how much stuff can fit in one room that is 6 by 9 feet!





You've got a little forest! The Spurs fabric is such a cute idea. I look forward to seeing your annual ornament. Cheers!

I like the Spurs, too!
I also love your new ornaments! And seeing your very functional teensy studio!
Merry Christmas!!

I've had a fondness for the Spurs ever since I was in SA when then won the NBA finals in 2003. Was that ever fun! Great ornaments, especially the way you drew the tree. Love the studio, too. My home office is 6x9 feet and it's all the space I need to get my job done.

6 X 9 but filled to the brim!!

Shirley, it was so nice to visit you on your blog. I remember your wonderful, magically tiny but alive studio when you toured Grace and me through your lovely apartment after coffee at Starbucks. A very Happy New Year to you!

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