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The Last Day of Sketchbook Skool

This is the final day of Sketchbook Skool Semester 2 - Seeing.  I think that I will continue to work on some of the exercises again, just to play a little more!  But I wanted to post some new sketchbook pages now.  Here is my Mug Collection on a double page spread - which I posted previously only as a work in progress.  I added more mugs - and still may add more.  But it also may be finished!


One more Selfie for Koosje's class.  I decided that I would try to do an occasional one over the next few months, even though I did my homework exercise during her class and did 6.  I try to work on portraits in general and as Koosje says, "where else could you always find a willing model?"


Last weekend I saw a Facebook entry for Drawing Club on how to paint water drops.  I couldn't resist trying, and listing the steps for when my memory fails me because I was unable to save a link.  Here are my 3 water drops! 




I ran across your blog and found it very impressive. I enjoy reading about your methodical, and consistent practice toward learning to represent your visual life. The water droplets are very well done.

I am a Librarian at a public library in Georgia. I have been trying to work the sketching and painting into a daily/weekly routine. I have been successful at completing a sketch or painting only when I am on vacation. The 30-second and 10 minute sketches should work into my schedule, so I really appreciate your sharing your experiences.

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