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Just Graphite

Sometimes I like to just draw with a mechanical 2B graphite pencil - and today I'm posting 2 of these drawings.

This is a drawing of my ballet teacher.  I took a quick photo of her before class (with her permission) and then made the drawing in my sketchbook several days later at home.


My husband and I went to the previews for the Impressionist and Modern Auctions that are being held in New York City this week and my favorite art was the drawings!  I always take my sketchbook and at Christies sketched an Egon Schiele figure called AKT (1918).  The auction estimate price was $150,000 to 200,000!  The auction is May 7th, so I will try to remember to check the auction page online to see the sale price. 


I decided to add an image of this drawing that I found online - the actual drawing does include all of her hair.   It is outrageous to think of these drawings, by many different artists, commanding such prices at auctions.  But I do love making copies that I can enjoy.




Very nice work Shirley :-)

Your drawings are right on!
I had some paints by Versatex that I used for the black on my quilt.
Off to see a friend who will be 100 years old and then the grandkids.

Nice work. I thought that was the original!!

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