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Visual Journal - September 2-8

As part of my September initiative "to shake up retirement," I also returned to ballet class after 4 years.  I danced on and off my entire life and managed to find time to take classes even when my schedule was full.  My body needs the stretching even more, the older I get - so off to ballet class I went.  Here are my "oldish" ballet slippers, just to commemorate my first few classes.


Last week was last week of my grandchildren's summer vacation and I took Sydney to MoMA on Tuesday and Zachary to the American Museum of Natural History on Friday. Syd and I sketched, had lunch, and then came home to do some sewing.  I drew a few details from paintings included on the children's audioguide while she was listening.  She also sketched a few details and painted them during lunch. 


While my husband took Zach to see the big blue whale, I quickly sketched a beautiful tiger at Natural History and then painted it at home from a photo.


Yesterday my husband and I spent the morning at the Café at the Conservatory Water - one of our favorite morning walks for coffee in Central Park. I sketched cone flowers - first painting them and then adding pen. I continue to play with this technique after liking the way Reginald Marsh used it in the exhibit Swing Time.


Tonight is my second Figure Drawing class at FIT and I will be doing longer and longer poses as the semester proceeds.  I will need better hand drawing skills and used a photograph to draw these two hands. 




Ballet class! You are amazing and obviously you enjoy retirement!! The sketches are terrific.
Yes, please do whatever you can to get Yahoo to have our links in blue.
Thanks, Sandra

I applaud you for shaking up the retirement routine and getting back into your love of dance. Wonderful for the body and soul. Love the drawings and thought thought of you spending happy times with Sydney and with Barry.

Congratulations on going back to ballet. Love the cone flowers. Those and black-eyed susans are among my favorite flowers.

You are such an inspiration!

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