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Visual Journal

My "Daily Watercolor Sketchbook" is my visual diary - the place where I try to include bits and pieces of my life.  I also have specific destination travel sketchbooks, a figure parts practice sketchbook, a live figure drawing sketchbook, and a doodle notebook because I need to encourage myself to loosen up.

Here are some daily sketchbook pages from the week before the Beach and after we returned.

Desk Chair that I Can See From my Special Place on the Couch:  I prepainted this page when I had some leftover paint on my palette.


Cut Hyacinths and My Blooming Gloxinia: 


Duck for Charlie and Sea Gull for Robbie and Zach:  We had baby Charlie overnight while his two big brothers were at the beach with their Mommy and Cousins.  The duck is a quick drawing of part of the Hans Chrisitian Anderson statue in Central Park - where we stopped to feed Charlie his afternoon fruit.  The sea gull is from one of my many photos from our week at the beach.


NYC Dinner with Cousins: Another Pre-Painted Background


Edward Hopper Exhibit at the Whitney Museum: Teri, Pat, Benedicte and I had brunch, went on a tour of the current permanent collection exhibit with my friend Gail, spent 2 hours in the Edward Hopper exhibit, and then went gallery-hopping in the neighborhood.  I was so over-inspired that day that it is hard for me to remember what I wanted to try next.  The Hopper exhibit has >200 of his drawings and 20+ of his paintings.  Many of the drawings are preparatory to the paintings.  Others are fabulous figure drawings or drawings of parts of the human figure.    I highly recommend getting to NYC to see it before it closes on Oct 6th if you love master drawings and some pretty famous Hopper paintings.




Lovely sketches!

Love these sketches Shirley :)

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