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Sketchcrawl With Sydney at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sydney finished her school term last Wednesday and on Thursday she and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the new costume institute exhibit "Punk" and to sketch.  We went into the American Wing and Sydney sketched the standing bear from a statue of 3 bears.  She was very cute as she sketched in pencil, then added pen and erased her pencil lines. You can see her chosen bear behind her on the right. 


I sketched Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Hunt.  This sculpture, by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, is a half-size caste of the second statue that sat on the top of the tower on the old Madison Square Garden at Madison and 26th St. The original is 13 ft high and is at the top of the Great Stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.   It was a weathervane that was illuminated at night and could even be seen from across the Hudson River.  Here is my photo of the statue in the Met and my painting. 



We stopped to talk to another artist as we walking out and she asked to see Sydney's drawing - and was very sweet and encouraging to her!


It was pouring outside so we came home for the afternoon, and I taught her how to make Gelli Arts Monoprints! 


And we still weren't finished playing. That Met bag she was carrying had a kit for wrapping ear bud earphones with multiple color threads and beads! 


Looks like you both had a great time! And SYDNEY, you really got that bear pose perfectly! I love it that you and your grandma can be creative together. It's fun that lasts an entire lifetime.

Looks like Sidney is on the way to becoming an artist too! She looks like a sweet young lady.

Shirley, your sketche is great too.

I am Sydney and I had a GREAT time with my grandma!!!!!! I have a good grandma!!!

Looks like Sydney did some nice work! A good grandma, indeed. I would love for somebody to take me sketching at the Met and then teach me monoprints. Looks like a lot of fun was had.

From one generation to another :) she's going to be great! Love your work as usual Shirley ^^

What a happy pair. We can tell that you both had fun on your art day! Nice work.

Sydney is quite an artist. I love her sketch. What a wonderful day you two had together.

Sidney,your drawing is so beautiful. Go on you have talent, and be happy you have also a talented grandma.
Greetings from indonesia...

Wonderful memories the two of you are making, along with very nice journals. How fortunate you are to have each other!

What fun! Sydney's drawing is just as cute as she is. Such personality in that bear. And your sketch has all the grace and elegance of the sculpture.

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