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Recent Figure Drawing Practice

I still practice drawing hands and feet and here are some of the recent pages I did. Some are from photos and others from observing my feet!







great sketches Shirley. The shapes, sizes, and colors...they are all so well proportioned. :)

Wow - your feet (well, the ones you drew!) look absolutely perfect.

You have have struggled, but the results are right on!

Shirley, your feet are much more convincing than your hands--that one 3/4 view is particularly good! I will share what my figure drawing teacher told me, which was--remember the bones! The biggest problem with drawing hands is that we focus on the outside shape or outline and don't remember what's underneath it. Your feet look like feet because you focused on the bones and tendons beneath the skin--if you can do that with your hands, they will come more alive for you like your feet are already. Please don't be offended--I have exactly the same issues with hands, and mine always turn out with weird-length fingers or too narrow or too wide...hands are hard!

Very nice! 'Taint easy - I know.

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