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Two New Books

I am taking an online class by Mary Ann Moss called Ticket to Venice.  There are many videos demonstrating a bookbinding technique to make a travel journal.  And she demonstrates 3 different bookbinding stitches, of which the double diamond is the most advanced.  Plus there are PDFs, Printables, Blog Entries, and More Videos during her actual December vacation in Venice.   

I took the class to learn how to make the book and to enjoy another trip to Venice for 2012.  I kept a travel journal and watercolor sketchbook during our visit in May - and I wasn't disappointed when Mary Ann took us around with her in photos and videos for Venice in Winter.

Most class members made travel journals, but I have 2 books of watercolors from my recent visit, so here is the book I made.  I used a $1.00 orphan book for the covers and tex libris book cloth for the spine.  I want to use the book for more figure drawing practice and bound 3 signatures of drawing paper in the book.


There is one stitch that is a little catty-wampus and I used pre-folded paper from my stash and it is slightly small for the size of the covers.  But the book opens flat and I really enjoyed making it.


At the same time, I made my 3rd Mary Ann Moss Remains of the Day book - from her class which I took online two years ago  Here are two photos of my new book.

The book cover is made from fabric which I made using a variety of surface design techniques.



Here are similar photos of my first two Remains of the Day books.  I filled each of them with one year's photos, drawings, tags, tickets and other ephemera from my art adventures in New York City with my artist friends.  One is the diary from 2011 and the other is from 2012.





These books become wonderfully stuffed - with collage, flaps, filled pockets, and dangling tags.  Here are the before and after photos.  The two finished books are on the left and #3 is on the right.




Wow, Shirley, you have accomplished a LOT!! Love the top one...

What a project of the heart! That stitch is beautiful (if a guy is allowed to say that). Love looking at the stuffed versions from the top!

You did a beautiful job on the journals. I am also taking MAM latest class (have done all of the others as well)but have not yet made the journal for it. Your beautiful work as inspired me to get one done.

Absolutely beautiful work!

I really like the way you have coordinated the fabrics and feel of the designs on each of the book covers. These are the nicest ROD journals I have seen.

Certainly you deserve an A+! This books are terrific. Each one is so unique.

What fun Shirley - your book binding has been outstanding anyway. Thanks for the comment - I have had a rough 2012 and lost most of my will to draw - i'm trying to get something going and I appreciate your stopping by. Myfiddlestix

Your books are gorgeous!!!

These books are beautiful, I have been wanting to take Mary Ann's classes.

Stunning! Great job!

These are gorgeous! I want to take a class on bookbinding - what inspiration!

The fabric is fabulous on the ROD journals. So so pretty!
Your TTV journal is also very nice.
Excellent work all the way around Shirley!

Wonderful job!! Inspiring me to get to work!! If you love journal making and art retreats, take a look at the one I have coming up! www.handmadeu.com

WOW! These books are just wonderful. I especially like the ROD books with their soft covers. Perfect for filling them with ephemera! nancy

Your journals are really great. Love the fabrics you used for the covers.

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