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Venice Sketchbook - Part 4

I am still working on my Venice sketchbook, and decided to upload 3 pages done since I returned home.

We visited Arcobalena, the art supply store that sells pigments.  It is centrally located, and a very quirky place.  Half of the store is a hardware shop, the other half sells pigments - and hand blown glass - and leather aprons - and some art supplies.  We spent lots of time talking to the woman running the shop and learned some of the history.  My friend Sara bought a set of pigments to make pastels when she returned to the US.  And the 4 of us couldn't resist buying a few leather aprons made by the shopkeeper (who is also a glass blower)! 


I collected a few pieces of ephemera - mainly because they appealed to me graphically - and made one collage page of memories.


The gondoliers were everywhere!  And there seemed to be many variations on the standard uniform.  I took photos of many of them and created this page of drawings from my photos.



What FUN, Shirley! I'd love that shop, you really brought it to life.

Shirley I have lurked for years reading your blog, just to say how much I enjoy insights into your world. Love the Venice sketches, hoping we may get there one day.

Great sketches, Shirley. I love the gondolier fashion statements. Those hats are wonderful.

Very nice drawings, beautiful and detailed. Thank you for sharing them with us.


I wanted to say that I think these drawings are gorgeous and that after finding your gondolier drawing I'll be following your site! I absolutely love it!

Though I had a question on the gondoliers, specifically the one person you drew on the right hand side. It seems you posted this years ago, but I'd like to know if you know what the jacket/over coat/shirt they wore was called. Or if it had a style name or something.

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