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Christmas Trees and Reindeers

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU!  I'm thrilled to know that my blog posts are read, and hopefully enjoyed.  Thanks to each and every one of you and my wishes for a happy and healthy 2012.   

Our Christmas Gifts are wrapped - or placed carefully in gift bags and stockings I made for our grandchldren over many years.  And the table is set for Christmas Eve dinner with our NYC children, our grandchildren and my 92 year old mother.  We will miss our DC grandchildren and their parents!  

I'm still adding drawings to my Ornament Sketchbook and uploaded my pages of Christmas trees and reindeer today.

Several weeks ago I received a comment on my blog asking about the Jingle Bell Reindeer.  The writer received one of these as a gift many years ago and was looking for the pattern without success.  When she put all the correct words in Google, she found an image of one of my ornaments from an earlier blog post.  I was able to provide her with pattern details, and hopefully she finished making all of hers for friends and family this year.




Hi Shirley:

Just a wee note to say how much I have enjoyed your blog over the past year.
I find your comments about painting with watercolour always interesting as I paint as well.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Sheila J
P.S. Hold those grandchildren tight - they are a gift.

These are just so cute! =) Love them!

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