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Keeping a Visual Journal

This time each year my mind turns to quilting and sewing and my sketchbook reflects that shift.

1.  I will attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston the beginning of November - and have only missed one year since 1983!

2.  We have a new grandson on the way and I'm hand quilting his baby quilt.

3.  I start to think about making Christmas presents and ornaments.

So my days are full of my other passion - THREADS - and I frequently mark the day in my sketchbook with sketches/paintings that are related to how I spent the day quilting.  My sketchbook is a visual journal of my days and in years to come I will have wonderful ways to savor memories.

Here is a painting of the simple quilt square I'm using for the baby quilt and a photo before the squares were sewn together and prepared for quilting. 



When I was tired after an evening of hand quilting, I quickly sketched my hand quilting tools before bed.


I decided to declutter my studio, looking through 30 years of Quilter's Newsletter magazines - to save special pages and to give away issues that weren't ripped.  This took parts of several days and I marked the event with a journal page.


I celebrated the end of the week with a "field trip" with my art buddies -  who are also quilters/sewers.  We ventured out of New York City to Newark NJ to see a quilt exhibit from the Newark Museum's wonderful collection.  No photos were allowed, but I sketched a wonderful image from a quilt called Chanticleer (1935).  So did Pat and Benedicte - on their iPads.  I'm hoping that one of them got a photo because it can be obtained sneakily with an iPad 2.



What a perfect use of your journal!! To document what you're doing, planning out a project, recording your field trip.....have a great time in Houston! I've never been yet but maybe next year.....

Yes, we need to ground ourselves with the feeling of fabric! What a sweet idea to include special fabric. Enjoy Houston for all of us!

I'm getting so excited to see you again at the quilt show! Seeing all of your prep just makes me smile.

Making the baby quilt must be so rewarding, love the tools sketch.

Some wonderful sketches! Enjoy the quilt show.

I love your quilting post. I quilted A LOT for several years, and then went to grad school and started a new career and never picked it up again, but I've been getting the yen again lately. It's such a great artistic medium, and you have greatly enhanced it by also drawing it. Your baby quilt is unusual--it's like a ninepatch, but instead of nine squares the same size, they are larger, smaller, and rectangles. I like it!

This is such a great idea! I am inspired as I have purchased new journals and want them to be more than just me whinging about the day - LOL. Also, the illustrations are divine!

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