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Meetup Drawing on the Highline

Our Meetup Central Park Drawing and Art Group met on New York City's Highline last weekend.  It is an old, abandoned railroad track suspended above the city on the lower west side.  Now it is a lovely park, with many wonderful areas among gardens for sitting and socializing.  I climbed to the top of the stairs of the Highline at one of the entry points several times in the past two summers, but never walked along it due to the heat.  Last week we had a fabulous day and I got to see and draw at 3 separate areas from 18th Street South.  The link above is to the the website and the many images of the Highline posted there.

The yellow rectangle is actually a huge billboard that framed my view of the city looking north.


Although there are several modern buildings which are built above and over the highline, there are also old industrial buildings along the path.


We walked to the southern end of the Highline for our last sketch, and I chose to draw some of the art vendors on Washington Street in the Meatpacking area.


This area of Manhattan has changed so much since we moved back to NYC 20 years ago.  The streets, restaurants, shops, and especially Chelsea Market were crowded very on Saturday afternoon.


Oooooh! Love these gorgeous perspective of the city. And nice capture of the people as well. Looks like the Meetup has turned out to be a really productive one, Bravo!

LOVE these, Shirley! A real flavor of Manhattan.

These are fantastic sketches, what an original place to sketch from!

Great to see your city through your eyes. Beautifully captured Shirley.....Who needs cameras?

Wonderful sketches! I love what they did with the old railroad. Creative use of space!

These are really great. I especially like the perspective of the second one. Well done! You always do such a nice job with these little paintings of the city. I feel like I'm on a tour. nancy

Wonderful! I love the middle one, so dramatic! Great colors too!

What a great way to use a retired industrial site! You are very lucky to have this on your doorstep, and I hope you will do some more of your sketching here to bring it to life for us. I love how you interpret your life!
cheers, Caroline, who rarely sees abuilding more than 2 stories high

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