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Christmas in March

For reasons unknown to me, I currently have a poinsettia and Christmas cactus in full bloom on my living room windowsill.  They were purchased for Christmas in 2009, and lived through the entire Christmas season, so I moved them to the windowsill and watered them weekly with my other plants.  And now for the first time since then, the bracts on the poinsettia all turned brilliant red and I have at least 6 "flowers" on my plant.



Very nicely done!

Just in time for spring! You could use this for christmas cards later in the year.

I love these pretty plants - but never expected them to show their true colours in March! You've captured the colours perfectly.

Poinsettias do seem to march to the beat of their own drummer. When I had one, it flowered random months, random years, until a cat took exception to it and shredded it :)

Great sketch! Would make a lovely illustration for a card, too.

I've heard they don't even turn red in some climates, but here in Texas, mine always stay red! Nice sketch!

Quick - make a stamp for next December.

The plant gave you a gift by blooming and we received the gift of your lovely painting.

Christmas in March indeed! I have many Christmas cacti that will bloom in November and a piece of my Gram's that has to be over 30 years old. They are very easy to tend. The Poinsettias on the other hand, I have never been able to get to rebloom. They are picky about lighting and your's must have been ideal. I like Pat's idea to make a stamp - perhaps of sticky foam? LOL! The watercolor is wonderful and an ideal Christmas card. Hope you had a great weekend.

So much for all that involved business about putting the plant in complete darkness, etc etc, in order to force it to "bloom".

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