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Every Day in May - 24

Our cousin (see last post) also has a wonderful sculpture collection, and while having my morning coffee, I chose this mother-and-child piece by Ruth Bloch to draw.  There were other mother and child sculptures, by different artists in his collection, but I remember being with him one time at Art Expo in New York City when he bought a piece from Ruth Bloch - so I felt a tiny connection with her.  The legs of this sculpted chair are as long as the mother - so it is a beautiful freestanding piece of art.

I guess I'm not done yet with my current focus on motherhood.




What a great choice! I love this - it's such a wonderful, comfortable pose. nancy

This is definitely a wonderful looking and unique sculpture! You did a terrific job with the sketch!

I can see why you were drawn to this sculpture; it's fabulous! Wonderful page!

Right on! This is so well done.

Well you've been downright busy lately with grandkids and your art! I thought I was just here viewing teddy bears and now all sorts of drawings are here. It was fun looking it all over. Loved the little gerund toy. That made me think of my granddaughter who would not take a copy of her bunny so her parents finally sewed a remote finder inside. When lost they could click on the remote and listen for the noise it made and find bunny!

Nice drawing of the mother sculpture. I've never seen a sculpture like this. Intriguing.

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