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A Productive Day at the Museum of Natural History in NYC

The Meet-Up Central Park Drawing Group met at the Museum of Natural History yesterday.  During our regular sessions we meet at the entrance, draw in a general region for approximately 30 minutes and then return to a central location to share our sketchbooks.  We then move to a new location and repeat the process again and again for almost 3 hours.

Yesterday we began in the African Mammal exhibits - on the balcony - and I was capitvated by the ostrich and babies.  I also did a quick sketch of a baboon (paint added today).



We then moved to the North American birds section (I'm not a bird lover) and I sketched a golden eagle.


Around the corner was the primate section and the chimp had such a wonderful hand pose, I had to sketch him.



Finally we went to the 4th floor to the dinosaur skeletons and I sketched the head of T.Rex.  The sketch was done in pencil and then I practiced using the dreaded Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and a watercolor pencil to finish the painting.


Patti Gregory (1960-2010

Yesterday morning I learned of the tragic death of Danny Gregory's wife Patti.  I only met Patti once 4 years ago, but was really impressed with her smile and energy.  Danny is the author of Everyday Matters, a book of sketches and writing from the time following Patti's subway accident which left her paraplegic.  I was just beginning this journey, which I call sketchbook art, and joined his Everyday Matters online art group in September 2005.  Over the last few years, by following Danny's blog, reading his subsequent books, The Creative License and An Illustrated Life, and taking a "visual journaling class" with him here in NYC, I learned more about them and their son Jack Tea.  My heart is breaking for Danny and Jack. 




Your sketches are great. I wish I were in NY.

A real good variety of subjects and presented in a wonderful style of drawing. Great art and fun. Thanks for sharing them.

Cool sketches - especially like the monkey with personality and the ostrich tails!

You had a productive day--well done sketches!

Wonderful sketches Shirley - lovely soft colours - What a great Meet up !

You have interesting drawing groups, and your sketches are so good, I love the chimpanzee, a very human pose!

What wonderful sketches! They are all impressive, but my favorites are the ostrich and the chimp. You also did an awesome job on the skull (not very easy, it seems). nancy

That chimps hand pose is great. All of these sketches are wonderful. You are doing a great job with sketching.

Yes, Danny and Jack have had more than their share of heartbreak and knocks. It's a real shame.

Oh, I love every one of these! The ostriches are my favorite!

Back when I was still teaching, I had one group of kids doing illustrated journaling as a project. On one page, we made a bucket list. I did examples of course, and one of my goals was to have lunch with the Gregorys to let them know how much they had changed my life! I didn't have my blog yet, but I remember going to the EDM superblog (the first one) and being so inspired by everything! He really has been a positive influence on so many people!

Love the sketches! especially T-Rex.

I love your ostriches! What wonderful sketches. I too owe a huge debt of gratitude to Danny and feel so sad to hear about Patti's death. Was it due to illness do you know, or another accident?

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