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Central Park Sketching Meetup Group

Today the group met at John Lennon's Strawberry Fields Imagine Mosaic and then walked to a rocky promontory on the Lake.  I stayed for 2 hours and did the following sketches - in bright sunshine.  It was a glorious day after a gray rainy Saturday

There were two turtles on a rock in the green-brown water - and I could just see their silhouettes.  In front of me, at the edge of the rocks were purple flowers that I had never seen before.  I spent most of the first hour watching for more turtles.


Aprroximately 5 minutes before we met to share our sketchbooks, I quickly sketched and painted the lovely woman sketching in front of me. 


During the second hour, I moved to the other side of the rocks, faced south, and sketched the Central Park South skyline.  I was very happy that I brought my watercolor pencils with me to quickly block in the trees.


I'm really enjoying the Meetup Sketching sessions.  Although you can work on one thing for the entire time, the goal of the session is to sketch quickly in several different locations - which both sets parameters for space and time.  And it is so much fun to see the work of others - who may have had different tools and paper sizes, but had the same scene to observe and document that you did.


Love your sketches!

If the beastie (or faunie, I suppose) in the photo at http://www.lakefrontinc.com/images/aquatic/pickerelweed.jpg is your flower, it's called Pickerel Weed.

It's a great place for fish to hide while waiting for food to float by. I caught my first Northern Pike just outside a bed of Pickerel Weed. Big fish to be hiding in such shallow water! Nearly scared me out of my wits!

I absolutely enjoyed the skyline... for some reason I've always love skyline drawings, but I've never really done one myself :) I just love admiring them.

I think you took two hours and used the time so well--yes, that's Pickerel weed and isn't it a pretty thing. I love the skyline for how well you did it and the green tree color in front is the answer to making it have pizzaz (sp?)---I hope to see more of your work...Winna

Fantastic. I love that location. You made some nice pieces!

Hello, I really enjoy your sketches. I was just wondering what art/drawing group you belong to, if you don't mind me asking? I recently moved to the NYC area (park slope) and am looking for an informal group drawing session to keep me up to practice. I did some googling, but from your work it seems like the group you belong to is pretty great. Is there a website or instructor I could contact. Any info would be much appreciated!

These are amazing Shirley! If you ever make postcards...I would be interested in buying them. There are so many favorites, flowers, Christmas and the beach. I will have to try the Niji Watercolor pencils.

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