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Every Day in May - 12 and 13


The last few days were so busy that I am just finally uploading my journal pages from yesterday and today.

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day at my grand daughter's Pre-School and while she was making a foam picture frame, I was drawing her project and a cartoon figure of her.  She insisted on a "big smile" and drew on her mouth herself.


Tonight I took 5 minutes to draw a figure for more practice.  I select a photo, set the timer for 5 minutes, and then sketch with a watercolor pencil.



5 minutes o___O wow, that's SPEED-SKETCHING! That's an hyper speed considering the amazing result you have achieved! I am so impressed

What a beautiful smile! Grandchildren - don't they just light up your life!
I may adopt your idea for practicing figure drawing. I have never done any figure drawing - think it too difficult for me!

Wonderful. Great idea on figure drawing practice.

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