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Sydney and Shirley's Lions


My three year old granddaughter Sydney loves to draw and color.  She was exhausted last Friday evening - after running at least a mile through Central Park climbing the big rocks while we brought her to our apartment from Nursery School.  After dinner she went to bed, and then about 30 minutes later carried out this fabulous lion drawing! 


Yesterday I met a good friend between the New York Public Library lions and quickly sketched one to post with Sydney's lion.  I used a watercolor pencil to do the drawing and then "painted" it to get the shading.


Wow, a 3-yr old did that? I'm impressed. She takes after her grandma.

Whoa! Sidney's lion is really incredible! Terrific stuff for a three year old. Obviously her grandma has a geat influence! Oh...and your lion is good, too! But, we have come to expect that from you!

I like both of your lions. Sidney's looks like a lion I embroidered for my kids when they were her age out of I think a Better Homes and Gardens pattern. Really, the lions head looked just like hers here. She did a great job.

This is great! A lion from granma and granddaughter at the same time. I love them both. And once again, I'm in envy of that young spontaneity and daring that we lose somewhere along the road. How I wish we could hold onto it!

Good Lord is she ever Talented - 3 Years Old!!! Amazing work you two will be sketchcrawling central park any day now!

Wonderful lions. I love the wash effect that you got with the water color pencil, Shirley, and I love to watch what kids can do. I agree with you, Ronell, I wish we could keep ALL of that spontaneity and daring that we had as young children.

love both the lions, and you're right, little Sidney is quite the talent. How wonderful that she just had to draw that lion before she went to sleep.
We missed you at my lake bonaparte workshop! You would have been a great addition.

Great lions by both of you! Yours has perfect proportions, but Sidney's is just loaded with expression.

Wow! Three years old and producing such a work of art. You've got to encourage that haven't you? She likes colour I think :)

My, what a talented family!

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