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Every Day in May - 6



I had a long day at work, followed by Book Group at my apartment, so this sketch was done in 5-10 minutes while I made morning coffee in my office.  Commiting to a daily sketch since January 1, 2007, I frequently have to do something really quickly in the morning.  Most weekdays I sketch during my quiet time at home in evening.  The brass pig has been with us for more than 20 years - maybe closer to 30, and I can't believe that I've not sketched him yet!


Well this quick sketch shows how much you have aquired through every day sketching and what you Can do in 5 -10 minutes - Just the right detail on the key and the pig is adorable AND adding the parking ticket creates a charming composition - Very well done, we all should do more Fast sketching to stretch our ability - fussing is often my downfall.

Fast sketches often turn out pretty good. No time to overwork them.

Great sketch! Love how you've embellished with the ticket!

I have been going to a Tuesday nite book club too...they can really take time away from your art cant they?? Great job though!!!

Very nice - wouldn't want to lose that pig - just as well it's connected to your keys! :)

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