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Every Day in May-3


Martha, of Trumpetvine Travels, spent the day with my husband and me in New York.  Christies and Sothebys, the big auction houses, are previewing the art for the Impressionism and Modern art auctions next week and there is fabulous art to be seen at both places.  Martha and I wandered all of the galleries sketching small pieces of paintings and sculptures - just creating journal pages to reflect our experience.  Over lunch we shared our most recent sketchbooks and then returned to my apartment for wine and a little watercolor painting.

The only picture of us, as we set off on the subway, is blurred because I had the flash off in preparation for the galleries - but it is better than nothing:


I'm constantly amazed how people from all over the US - and the world - are meeting to sketch because of the EDM community.  These are the four journal pages that I filled while walking through all of the galleries - the first two at Christies and the second two at Sotheby's.  Martha said that she would post her sketches when she returns to California.






How FUN, Shirley!! And so nice to 'meet' you and Martha!!! Super sketches, hon ... and what a day of memory-making!

I agree, this whole internet art community is incredible and being able to meet and share a common intrest without ever coming face to face before, is the most amazing thing! Great way to capture the impression of the day, love the sketches!

And a good time was had by all.

A great day indeed! Thank you Shirley, for your wonderful hospitality. It was a real treat being able to make and look at art with you.

I'm jealous - I wish I'd been there! I can't wait to have another sketch crawl in NYC with you (hopefully September? I'm afraid I have no dates yet though). The sketches are wonderful - I love the way you draw other works in galleries. I must remember to do that!

PS _ you both look great, even if the photo's a bit blurry!

hummm. NYC in Sept.????? Hummmmmmm LOL!
The photo is great and I know the fun was too!!!

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