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EDM Challenge #163: Draw a Deck of Cards


We don't play cards - and the only deck that I could find in the apartment came from a Benefit Dinner for a Health Care non-profit organization that we attended.  Loved the joker - so that was good for sketching.  The individual cards each had a single Medicare fact printed on the face side.  Wish I had something more exciting! 


nice joker...who knew they put stuff like that on playing cards....interesting

Oh, I think they look great. It was hard for me to get excited about drawing cards too :)

You're right, the joker is charming. But I was intrigued by the message on the four of spades, too. What a good promotional idea!

Love the joker - great job.

I really like your drawing style, esp. the watercolors. And so nice of you to share your journal-making techniques! Nice job!

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