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January 4, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog

Two years ago today I started my blog with an entry about the 3rd silk wedding chuppah that I made for one of our children's weddings.  Since then "paper," not "threads," has dominated my blog entries.  So for the birthday celebration today I selected my favorite threads project from this December - a pillow I made for my grand daughter Sydney.  Sydney's 3rd birthday was December 20th (her baby brother's is Dec 19th!), so I wanted to make one of our birthday presents something special.  This is the same pillow that I made for my daughter, Syd's Mom, when she was a similar age.   My daughter's reaction, when the present was opened, was more than I could have asked for.  Sydney's favorite color is orange and her new bedroom will be pale pink and pale orange. 


Here is the only photo that I have of the pillow that I made for our daughter in the late 1970s:


Although I was skeptical about creating a blog and sharing my "naive sketches,"  every minute of it has been a wonderful adventure. 

Tomorrow I will post "faces" that I've sketched the last few days to convince myself that I'm serious about this 2008 Goal.



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