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Every Day in May: May 11th

85219984@N00.jpg Friday is the day that we take care of our Grandson Robbie - who will be 2 the end of July.  When the weather is nice, we love to go to the Boat Pond in Central Park.  But today it was raining off and on so we chose our back-up location - the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  All of our grandchildren love wandering through the big open space that houses the Temple of Dendur.  Today he threw at least 50 pennies into the large pools and kept us really moving as he explored.  Before we left the museum we went into the Egyptian Galleries to visit William the Blue Hippopotamus, an informal "trademark" for the children's program in the Museum.  William is only 8 inches high and approximately 4000 years old!




Well done on your "every day in May" drawings so far. they are all great...your figure drawings, the shapes, the hippo....It is so much work, I really admire you for keeping up and doing such a great job at the same time!

You have a strong command of your wrist, being able to draw so geometrically and precisely. "Loosening up" introduces an entirely new style to your works, but I tend to appreciate more graphical ones.

What a delightful sketch and a great idea of the museum to use it in this way. I share your dislike of the rough watercolour paper - I don't think it's a good choice for those of us who like to colour inside the lines.

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