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EDM Challenge #115: Draw a Shopping Cart


Our general supermarket is one-half block away and I take frequent walks there to pick up a few items at a time.  We also have several specialty shops with produce and prepared foods 1-2 blocks away and a butcher, fish shop, and bakery within the same area.  Each of the stores has shopping baskets for those of us that walk there and only carry home small bags of groceries.  This basket was sketched from a photo that I took early yesterday morning when I was purchasing milk, yogurt and a banana for breakfast because Friday is the day we take care of one of our grandsons. 


it's wonderful Shirley! And a lot more interesting with your groceries! I have yet to tackle this one.

What a fresh take on a regular chore - just light and lovely. Your marketing sounds so much more European and fresh than my big impersonal SUPER market and its rudimentary cart.

FANTASTIC, SHIRLEY!!! I thought of doing those shopping 'baskets' we can choose for small bundle .. but haven't made it to the store yet. I remember when I worked in Manhattan, I would visit some of the local grocers and it was so neat to find everything in such a wee shop -- only needed a basket .. I loved seeing this Shirly .. and you did a fantastic job!

This is really great! I don't usually buy much at a time, but my shopping always includes 12-packs of diet coke, so I have to use the kind w/ wheels, LOL. :)

Very nice! Love the color and this is so much more attractive than a cart. Nice job!

I really like this watercolor and the other drawings on your blog. Here these are also used when buying a few things at the supermarkets. Great job. I've seen your bookbindings using old books covers, very creative. If you ever want to I can tell you how to prepare the covers yourself, just email me. Take care. Martín.

What a beautiful color you've used here. I makes for a charming painting...can a shopping basket have charm? This one does.

Great job Shirley...do you ever get any quilting done lately??? i dont seem to ...i either knit or draw....

I agree with everyone else. What a wonderful basket! So much more charming than a shopping cart, and the color is beautiful. Great job.

Great job on this!

So cute and an interesting composition and perspective. Nice work with the colors too.

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