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London Visits #24: More Museum Visits


Thirty-seven years ago, on our first visit to London, we visited the Royal College of Surgery Hunterian Museum.  It recently underwent a 3 year renovation and reopened in 2005.  The history of William and John Hunter and how the specimen collection was obtained is fascinating and they did a wonderful job presenting lots of relevant information about the times in addition to the many specimens.  One of John Hunter's prized possessions was his sketon of the "Irish giant" and I collaged a photo from the brochure on this page with the Royal College of Surgeons logo (in my own colors). 


I met Katherine Tyrrell <http://makingamark.blogspot.com/ > again to spend another "art day" during our visit to London.  This was my first visit to Bankside Gallery where they currently have the Royal Watercolor Society's 21st Century Watercolor exhibit.  I loved seeing the exhibit, the gallery, and the book store.  If the exchange rate weren't so dreadful for Americans visiting England, I'm afraid I would have purchased several new art books!  We then had lunch in the Member's Cafe at Tate Modern (which is adjacent to the Bankside Gallery) and sketched as we looked across the Thames.   Katherine sketched the area around "the Gerkin" and I faced the other direction and sketched Puddle Dock and the Blackfriars train station.  I love glancing through her sketchbooks when we meet.  She has wonderful pen sketches and many more detailed pages using colored pencil. 


What a neat view! Looks way bigger than I imagined it would be. Wonderful as your travel sketches always are.

You are amazing keeping up with EDM and posting so many great drawings while on holiday and visiting. Love this one of the train station and your light bulb is great. I've enjoyed your visit to England. Thanks for sharing. Deborah

As usual your travel sketches are wonderful to see. I could see myself putting off sketching while on vacation, but everytime I look at yours I think I must remember to take my sketchbook with me. These are so fun to look at. Wondeful work!

Congratulations on your wonderful travel sketches. You do capture the "feel" of London - I'm feeling nostalgic for another trip!

Really good work, Shirley. I love your travel sketches because you really get in and put down all the detail - and your light bulbs are great!

What Shirley didn't mention is that my old office (when I used to work at the 'Puddle Dock' offices)looks out to the River over the top of Blackfriars Station! So it's especially nice to see it in Shirley's sketchbook - and with watercolour. Last time i saw it was just in pencil.
My gherkin sketch is here http://makingamark.blogspot.com/2007/03/from-bankside-to-city-of-london-view.html

I think it's got to be the top of the OXO tower next time!

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