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EDM Challenge #83: Draw Water


I have never sketched/painted water, and don't believe that my skills are up to it yet.  In addition, the only outdoor water I saw during the challenge week was the muddy brown Thames in London and it looked gross.  I did accompany my 21 month old grand daughter to her first swimming lesson at an indoor pool and decided that was going to have to be my sketch for this challenge.  You have to look really carefully to see the small patch of pool water on the bottom right!  The beautiful blue color of the water was of course due to the colors of the pool tiles and walls.


That's just perfect! I have this special smell in my nose. Don't know the word, but it's how indoor pools smell, mostly. Yes, you got me with this one.


what a fun sketch...great job!! and a great idea!!

Shirley, this was a daunting subject but you've done a beautiful job. Your sketch takes me right to that place, as Renate said, chlorine smells and all! I was so interested to read about your experience with your carryon. You put more in it than I would have thought to do, but now that i see you did it, I'm going to stop worrying so much!

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