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London Visit - Part 5: More Sketches


More Sketches from our recent London visit. 

Sketch 1:  Parliament and Big Ben as seen across the Waterloo Bridge from Somerset House.  They were both so far away that only a guess could be made re: the actual structure.  We visited the Courtauld Institute of Art and the Gilbert Collection Tiffany Exhibit at Somerset House - both were terrific.

Sketch 2:  Royal Hospital - designed with Royal Avenue by Christopher Wren as a home for elderly soldiers.  It is fun to see many of them walking along the streets of Chelsea in their old uniforms.

Sketch 3: A pub near Queen's Square in Bloomsbury.  We had a quick lunch at the adjacent outdoor restaurant, but the pub was much more interesting to sketch.


Shirley -- these are WONDERFUL!!! I love how cleanly you've done these and so well, well done. What a treasure!!!

Lovely sketches! I love your travel journal!

What lovely drawings you've done. It's really nice to see someone else's take on London ;) If you're ever here again, do give me a shout - maybe we can do a sketch crawl together!

These are really nice--so delicate and charming.

Shirley, thanks for your kind wishes (in your comment on my blog). I just hope I can do some sketches even half as good as these. You are an inspiration the way you sketch where ever you are, and whatever is there.

These are lovely vignettes of London, Shirley. You seem very assured in your treatment of these subjects. How would you compare your feelings about sketching in London now with your earlier trip this past summer?

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