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EDM Challenge #80: Part 2


EDM Challenge #80: Part 2

Although being with my whole family makes me happiest (see part 1 below), my Bernina 1030 sewing machine is also a source of enormous happiness.  I have had a sewing machine for 50 years - sometimes a rented one (poor student days) and sometimes a very inexpensive one.  The above Bernina was purchased in 1989 and as I told my husband, it cost almost as much as our first car - a new VW bug purchased in 1967!  I don't use the sewing machine for days at a time, but when I need to have it serviced I feel very lost.  The months leading up to Christmas are busiest - but I also set aside one week during the cold weather in February and call it "creative week."  I try to arrange my schedule so it is the week before President's Day so I have an extra long weekend before I need to go back to work.  I love immersing myself in projects all day, every day, for 8-10 days and each year have done something different - including making lots of baby clothes for our first grandchild who was due 4 months later, dying silk for a wedding chuppah and making the 6' by 6' pieced top that was then quilted, cutting out fabric pieces for group wedding quilts, and planning and making baby quilts.  Two year's ago I designed a machine quilted whole cloth quilt with cotton velveteen on one side and 100% pima cotton on the other.  I made 5 of these already for immediate family members and still have more to be made.  These quilts precipitated the last emergency service visit - velvet lint buildup that paralyzed the feed dogs!   



Very beautiful drawings!

LOVELY, Shirley!!! Love how you did all the details on the machine!

wow - I LOVE my Bernina too! I don't know the model number - it's a simple one with a red front that I've had for 15 years, but it's a dream machine. Great idea and sketch - I'll have to draw mine too!


I love this sketch. What a clever idea and what a great, simple execution!

There's nothing like a well-loved art tool to make one happy! I used to love my sewing machine and used it to make matching t-shirts for my two sons and I when they were tots (they're now 26 and 31!). I recently gave it to my oldest son's live-in girlfriend since I wasn't using it anymore...and then, of course, immediately had a need for it...but I didn't ask for it back since she is making good use of it.

oh great drawing and I am so jealous...I have wanted that model Bernina for several years now....they are such great reliable workhorses...good to know that it is so treasured!

Oooh! Lovely machine, it would make me happy too! Lovely illustration!

Great, great machines these Berninas - I have a Bernina 1001 myself, and it brings me much joy as well. :) Lovely lil' art of your beloved machine you have there!

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