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EDM Challenge #66: Fire Hydrants


We live in corner building and I was able to sketch/paint 3 fire hydrants just around the corner - along the side of our building.  The one on the top left stands on the sidewalk right in front of the building, the big one in the middle is on the sidewalk along the curb, and the one on the bottom right is actually on the wall of the building.  Two of them are beautifully polished brass, but I'm still not able to accurately capture reflective surfaces.  Maybe next year!


Shirley,what a great job! And how interesting that you found three different kinds.


Who would have thought there were so many ways to deliver water. OK, you have inspired me to look when I'm downtown tomorrow. Love the forms and the layout of the page.

Very nicely done.

Interesting firehydrants! Great job on the sketches!

Very well done, Shirley. I never think about the differnet types of fire hydrants. But you captured them very well.

Who would have thought a fire hydrant could be so beautiful? Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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