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February 14, 2006

Biltmore Tower, Coral Gables, Florida


I had several hours of sun at the beautiful Biltmore pool before the temperature in Florida plunged to the 50s and the blizzard of 2006 started in New York City.  We actually had "snow envy" because we were missing the winter fun in Central Park.  The tower on the beautiful old Biltmore Hotel must have been sketched and painted thousands of times, and it was a challenge for me to work on this 4.5 X 6" drawing.  A hotel employee told me that many artists sketched it from the golf course, head on, instead of from this angle as it rises above the other rooflines of the hotel.  This seemed like just the "perspective practice" that I need.  I used my new Daler-Rowney travel set of watercolor paints and medium and small Niji waterbrushes for the first time.  These traveled well, in contrast to my Pigma micron pens which leaked during the plane ride.

February 8, 2006

EDM Challenge #53 Draw Lips


This was an impossible challenge for me because I'm struggling regularly to draw realistic body parts. I couldn't decide how to shade the lips using pen and ink so this page was done with a smudgy 2B pencil.  It will be a long time before I can figure out how to draw an open mouth with exposed teeth.  Preliminary efforts were great dracula look-alikes!  Several of the lips were from magazine photos, one is a self-portait, and the remainder are from photos of my grandchildren (7 months, 13 months, and 2 1/2 years).

February 4, 2006




I attended my first Sketchcrawl Friday February 3rd.  It was organized by Patti and Danny Gregory at the Rubin Museum of Art which is a new Manhattan museum that features art from the Himilayas.  It's a gorgeous space and the art was inspiring.  I filled 5 pages of images that I abstracted from the paintings, clearly more in my "comfort zone" than sketching the very ornate, small sculptures.  The sketch above was one tiny portion of a very large painting from 17th C. Tibet to which I was drawn because of the stylized clouds.  I did the sketch with a Pigma micron 05 pen and added watercolor washes at home.  I wish that I could have met all of the other artists, and I really wish that I could have seen their work.  Hopefully most of them will post their sketches to the EDM group.


I loved this little fish - created in a transparent orange pigment over a dark background with white highlights.  The same fish appeared scattered around the border of the painting several more times.  I can't wait to recreate him on paper or on silk in a quilt journal page.

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