August 3, 2019

Two Pages of Seagull Paintings

I love watching seagulls.  As I have written here before, watching them unfold their big wings, and run down the sand for take-off, makes me see how engineers could figure out flight.  Even to the point where their leg "landing wheels" get pulled up.   I don't know the various types of gulls, but these were all a little different.  I can only draw and paint them from photos, and even those are hard to obtain.  The gull next to the ketchup bottle was picking through a bowl of shells left behind on an outdoor table. 



More Gulls:  This whole two page collection of gulls were from beaches in the Hamptons, and Martha's Vineyard. 




June 12, 2019

Direct Watercolor Painting Challenge - No Pen or Pencil


It was hard for me to add to my Summer Vacation Sketchbook and a special sketchbook for direct watercolor painting when we were on vacation - so I am behind already.  I made a 16 page Teesha Moore pamphlet book with one sheet of 140 lb watercolor paper for the challenge (from her online tutorial) and this first painting was done on the narrow cover flap. 


Several more paintings without a pen or pencil:  A deep sea scallop shell found on the beach in Southampton last year and a white ceramic piggy bank that was in our vacation house. 

I did this challenge each day in June last year and learned so much more about my watercolors.  I will try to finish the challenge by June 30th, but if not I'll continue in July! 

June 7, 2019

Last Sketchbook Page Before Vacation Ended

We learned lots about Sag Harbor during this vacation.  It was the Whaling port for Long Island during the height of the Whaling Industry in the 19th C.  Whale boats, for whale ships, were built there, and the men from the region could be gone for 1-3 years before returning with hundreds of barrels of whale oil.  I never read Moby Dick, but we saw the movie at the Sag Harbor Library, after visiting the Whaling Museum. It was a great education.  The last page in my sketchbook is of the Sag Harbor Historical Society Building.  This is a very active group that is preserving the heritage of this town.