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August 3, 2019

Two Pages of Seagull Paintings

I love watching seagulls.  As I have written here before, watching them unfold their big wings, and run down the sand for take-off, makes me see how engineers could figure out flight.  Even to the point where their leg "landing wheels" get pulled up.   I don't know the various types of gulls, but these were all a little different.  I can only draw and paint them from photos, and even those are hard to obtain.  The gull next to the ketchup bottle was picking through a bowl of shells left behind on an outdoor table. 



More Gulls:  This whole two page collection of gulls were from beaches in the Hamptons, and Martha's Vineyard. 




July 12, 2019

A Few More Sketchbook Pages from Martha's Vineyard

We had a wonderful visit with our friends in Martha's Vineyard this summer: an architectural tour in Edgartown, the new MV Museum, a performance by Vineyard Sound, a film at the Film Center (Inviolable), a play at the MV Playhouse (Dear Elizabeth), a visit to the Granary Art Gallery, and a surprise quilt exhibit by the Women of Color National Group.  We also ate well and walked on the beach every morning for 2 miles.

These are the 10 college men in the group known as Vineyard Sound - an acapella group that performs almost everyday during the summer, somewhere on the island.  I sketched them during the performance and painted them later.  They were excellent and also funny!



Since there were so few shells on the beach Bunny and I collected purple pieces of Quahog clam shells - known as "wampum" when used for currency by the Indians.  We both planned to use them for an art project.  I selected the darkest purple pieces, laid them out on the table in the shape of a flower and painted them.  Can't wait to see what she will do with the others. 



We make an annual visit to The Granary, a terrific art gallery with a mixture of paintings, sculptures, glass, and wood art.  I sketched several things on the same page  to remember the visit, and painted them later.


July 5, 2019

Shells on Philbin Beach in Martha's Vineyard.

We just returned from a wonderful visit in Martha's Vineyard.  Each morning except one we walked 2 miles on Philbin beach - once in fog, several times with partly cloudy skies, and the rest in beautiful sunlight.  The sand was firm near the surf and perfect for walking.  We saw one live orange crab, one dead baby shark, and several cormorants that visited the rocks daily.  But there were almost no shells to be found, except slipper shells.  These are almost the only ones I could take back to the house to paint.


September 4, 2018

Sketchbook Skool WHIMSICAL Weeks 4 and 5

Miriam Bos is an illustrator and her paintings are used for books, magazines, fabric, ceramics, and greeting cards, etc.  It was fun learning about her creative process, and for our homework we were asked to create a book character and draw at least 3 emotions. 

I have fun watching squirrels trying to sneak the seeds from the bird feeders at our friends' home in Martha's Vineyard.  There were two who climbed the nearby tree, took flying leaps to the conical top of the iron pole holding multiple bird feeders, and almost never were successful.  I called a squirrel with an orange tail "Spas" because he would try to climb down the pole, lose his footing, scramble trying to hold on, and then fall to the ground. 


What I Learned About Character Development in WHIMSICAL:  In Miriam's demo video she showed us her method for creating characters.  She obtains photo images of real animals from the internet, and then traces them to start the process.  After she learns about their structure and characteristics from tracing, she sets them aside and begins to draw many versions of the animals in different poses, and with different emotions.  She, like several of the other illustrators, said that they draw many before they find the character they like.  Mike Lowery said he drew almost a hundred before he found the "Carl the Duck" character he wanted. 

I started with tracings, and then drew at least 20 before I found these characters.  I had to paint one with an orange tail to remind me of the spastic squirrel I loved at the bird feeder. 

Vanessa Brantley-Newton is an illustrator of Children's Books, and her homework for us was to create a collage inspired by one of 3 words: Joyous, Dangerous, and Ridiculous. 

For my collage I decided to go back to the first moment that my characters Axel and Alice saw the characters in the hooded long coat.   The title of this collage is DANGEROUS?


Axel was created during a Sketchbook Skool homework assignment by Fabio Consoli.  We had to intereract and draw with a child, and I created Axel, and then later Alice.  The top painting is the original homework painting. The character on the right was created by my Grandson Zach, and then I reacted to the robot creating the rest of the painting.  The bottom watercolor was done as a final project for a watercolor illustration class at FIT. 


If I hadn't fractured my wrist on my dominant hand in March, I would have finished the comic book project about Axel and Alice for my FIT Spring semester class on Comic Book Illustration.  Someday....



June 29, 2018

Urban Sketchers 30 X 30 Challenge: June 20-25

It is hard keeping up with my art goals while being on vacation with my husband at the home of very good friends.  I find that I am only able to do it by taking photos and painting during quiet times in the house.  Only the bird feeder and the squirrel were painted "in the moment."  I am also trying to paint in my summer vacation sketchbook each day.  It takes me much longer to do direct painting because I need to carefully plan the layers.   

The stuffed bunny was sitting among rocks at the Acquinnah Wampanoag cemetery on Martha's Vineyard.  The Beach roses were photographed on the path we walked to the beach for our morning beach walks.


The wampum flower was painted from shell pieces I brought home from the beach.  The yacht was photographed in the harbor in Vineyard Haven on a day we saw two movies and attended a Town Hall meeting by Senator Ed Markey.  The bird feeder needs an air traffic control system - for constant bird visitors, and this squirrel who jumped from the tree to the top of the feeder, and then snuck down the pole to the yellow feeder to eat. 



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