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June 27, 2007

London Visits: Part 27


We took Henry and Sydney to the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood this week.  The interactive displays are wonderful for children their age.  This is 2 1/2 year old Sydney who "dressed up" in a picture hat, one ladies shoe from 1870 and another from the early 1900s - and then clopped back to the fire engine so she could drive it.

The Museum also had an exhibit of Picasso animal drawings and lots of interactive activities for slightly older children.  I love to use his drawings for inspiration - and skill building.


June 25, 2007

London Visits: Part 26


Chelsea Art Society Show at Chelsea Town Hall.  It is a beautiful building with windows and windowboxes all across the front.  The show was interesting and I found 3 artists who I liked - each of whom had done paintings of our area of Chelsea.


A walk along King's Road in Chelsea - with a local bus, Pizza Express, and Boots Pharmacy.  I will miss our daily walks on King's Road with my daughter and our grandchildren.

June 24, 2007

London Visits: Part 25


This is the beginning of our last visit to London this year.  Our daughter and her family have completed their assigned year here and we are helping with odd jobs and babysitting while they pack.  We spent our first day wandering around Piccadilly Circus, St. James and Regent Places  - visiting the Summer Show at Chris Beetle's Gallery on Ryder Street.   My husband sat on a step across from St. James Palace while I sketched this in 15 minutes.  I then added watercolor while we sipped coffee at our favorite Caffe Nero on Piccadilly.  We ended by browsing Burlington Arcade and the galleries on Cork Street.


While sitting in front of the window in Caffe Nero, there was a constant flow of buses and I was able to sketch a prototype from bits and pieces of each of them.  We love riding the buses between Chelsea and our London destinations - sitting in the front seat on the top deck as often as possible.!

EDM Challenge #124: Draw Something Yellow




We arrived in London on Tuesday and the only interesting yellow object to sketch was my grandson's toy tractor.  It gave me lots of practice with perspective and he always remembers pages in my sketchbook that relate to him.  Even my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter asked to see a page of her toys that I did last October - that are in a London travel sketchbook that is back in New York.  I photographed my journal page and then resized it with Photoshop Elements. 

May 24, 2007

London: Big Ben Image #1


I recycled a 1940s book on Elizabeth I that I bought in the basement of a bookstore on Charing Cross Road in London for 1 pound - and added several different types of watercolor paper in the signatures.  During our regular visits to our family this year, I filled one journal page each day in Cachet Linen Watercolor Journals, so I needed to figure out how I was going to use this alternate journal.  I sketched Big Ben from a photo that I took during our visit, but then never painted it - no time vs no interest vs fear of failure or combination of all of these reasons.  This week I finally decided that I would use this London journal to do a whole series of sketches of Big Ben - close up, far away, from Victoria Street, from the bridge, from the Banks of the Thames at Somerset House where it was just a silhouette in my photo, etc.  We will visit again in June/July so I can increase my photo collection even more.  When I exhaust ideas for this image, I'll move on to another London icon and continue to play.  That will make this journal different from my other 3 - and I feel good that I finally have a plan!

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